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The car paint removal

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Why creating a blog about car shells paint removal and treatment?

The reason is simple: we felt the need to clarify the existing procedures for this important and very delicate phase, in order to guarantee a total and complete vintage car restoration.
Having more than 35 years experience and presence on the market, we want to inform the vintage car owners about all the car paint removal procedures. We care about updating them on what are the features of the different paint removal procedures and on how car shells have to be handled, in order to protect them properly against rust and signs of ageing.

Right from this point, we came to the idea of creating this space on the web to share our know-how and our experience with you. Only in this way we can start a frank and open dialogue with the people sharing our common passion for vintage cars. Those people are the ones who also want to give to their vintage cars the same former splendor they once had.

We invite you to follow us on our facebook page and subscribe to our newsletter, in order to keep updated by receiving our previews with articles,news, videos and pictures about the vintage cars world and sector events, particularly concerning car shell paint removal and other treatments.We start by telling you briefly about which are the most used car shell paint removal systems and what are the main differences in comparison to our paint removal method.
Here follows a chart listing of all available treatment features.

Main paint removal methods
  • Pyrolityc with warm air
  • Chemical with immersion
  • High pressure water
  • Sanding

Each method has got different features influencing the final car shell paint removal process.In the following articles we will clear up in detail the differences, pros and features of each car shell treatment and paint removal.

We want to point out that Simet has always adopted the pyrolytic paint removal system which is the one able to grant a “total” result by removing any paint, glue, sealant, asphaltic sound deadener etc, without alterating the car shell shape and without damaging the possible weld joints on it. Furthermore this procedure can grant the elimination of any residual even in the internal cavities, undercuts, car boxes and its most hidden corners. If you really want to restore your vintage car completely and feel the old emotions again, you can rely on Simet.

We will talk about it more accurately in the next article. Follow us on our facebook page and subscribe to our newsletter.


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