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How to reacho Simet Torino

The car paint removal

From the highway

Enter the the tangenziale Nord road of Torino 

  • from Genoa towards Milan – Aosta, do not take the Frejus direction
  • from Frejus towards Milan – Aosta
  • from Milano towards Frejus – Piacenza 

Exit Regina Margherita; at the exit of the bypass road (tangenziale) take the first exit on the right (before passing under the flyover, direction Susa) and take the first road on the left on the flyover, towards Torino. Proceed along via Pianezza, after five traffic lights, enter the roundabout and take the exit on the right of via P. L. Nervi, towards the industrial area; at the end of the slope, turn right, and you will find via Feroggio on your right.

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