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Innate passion for cars still growing up with us

Owning a vintage car
Is not only a trend matter
But it’s about feeling ‘cause eternity too
is in love
with time works of art.
(William Blake)

the past turns into present

For Simet your passion is of utmost importance.
We are aware of how much your car is valuable
and about all the time and care you dedicate to it.
We are able to comprehend the way you passionately
talk about the so many amazing moments
you can share with your car.

Our professionality relies on knowing how

and when to do it

but above all, on doing it properly!

We put care and passion on paint removal
and on the car shell blasting.
Since more than 35 years we have been specializing in this activity
by acquiring a deep experience and professionality
in each manufacturing phase.
There are many ways to blast clean the car shell;
Some companies simply clean the “car look”,
but we are able to clean the “car soul”.
Our experts are experienced with any state
of the art method of total and complete car shell blasting.
businessman in a luxury suit

We don't rely on improvising our job

Having your car shell in our company

is like having a welcomed guest

Your car
shell will be handled
with the most updated
and technologically advanced
procedures in each manufacturing phase,
with all the care and attention it deserves.
Choosing Simet
doesn’t only mean selecting a company,
but also providing the best blast cleaning system
you can have on the car shells,
the one which you can trust for a total
and complete paint removal!
Our treatment only, will provide a
complete cleaning up, even inside the car boxes,
into the undercuts, internal cavities and
into the most hidden corners of your car.
car paint removal

Car restoring is not only a “job” for us.It’s much more!